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Dining Furniture

A place to eat, a place to sit and chat, share a cup of tea or coffee. Dining spaces are the family hub to having a good evening and morning.

Bar Stools, Dining Sets, Tables and Chairs. We've made it easy for you to find exactly what you're after.

Space Saving Dining Furniture

How you choose to furnish your dining area will largely depend on the space that you have to play with. There are many compact space conscious designs available from neat tuck away sets where the dining chairs fit snugly around the table to butterfly sets where the chairs fold down and stowaway into a central storage compartment. When maximising space pedestal tables are often a winner. The single pedestal support removes the normal clutter of legs which creates a cleaner simpler look and allows the eye to travel around the room without distraction. This can create the illusion of more space. If you team the pedestal base with a glass top then the benefits increase again. Glass top tables are also very easy to care for, scratch resistant and light reflective. A simple wipe over with a damp cloth is all it takes to keep your table gleaming and with no worries about heat or water marks it's as low maintenance as it gets. So if you think a pedestal table is the one for you then the next questions is which chairs?

Dining Chairs

Dining chairs come in myriad styles and materials. Staying with the space maximising theme clear polycarbonte chairs will produce a similar effect to the glass topped table, allowing the eye to travel through and around the space more easily. Another space saving idea is the drop leaf table, these come in a variety of sizes and styles. Some allow the table to be used as a console table when not needed for dining. With the leaves down they can be stored against a wall in any room or even the hallway with some having particularly slender profiles. They are an ingenious way of having a large table that you may only need for special occasions with some classic drop leaf styles opening out to a large 8-10 seater. Talking of leaves the extendable dining table is a fantastic way to maximise on space while still keeping your dining options open. This type of table will usually extend from either end or from the centre, pulling the fixed leaves apart. The leaves usually fall in to two categories, those that are integral to the design and are typically housed underneath or within the central section and those that need to be stored separately. This is an important factor to consider when choosing your table, Having a built leaf or storage within the table negates the need to find a safe space for them when not in use. Separate leaves do have their benefits however as their removal makes the table considerably less weighty should you need to move it.

Extendable Tables

As with the leaves tables typically fall into two categories in terms of construction; those that flat pack and those that don't. Flat pack furniture may have connotations of cheapness and lesser quality attached to it however this is far from the case. Historically, flat pack furniture harks back to the military where quality furnishings befitting an officer or captain needed to be transported from camp to camp as the battle progressed. These were beautifully built piece of fine furniture designed to knock down and be rebuilt time and time again without detriment to the form and function of the piece. Similarly contemporary flat packed furniture not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with transport and storage but also makes for furniture that can be delivered to almost any location. If you have a narrow doorway, hall or challenging access to your property a flat packed piece of furniture is often the answer. Quality fixtures and fittings mean that such pieces can be constructed and deconstructed as required with no detriment to the integrity of the furniture itself, although some furniture is designed to be constructed only once so please do check on it's suitability in this respect before making a purchase.

Modern Dining Room Usage

We know that it's all too easy to end up eating your meals sat in front of the tv so it's time to reclaim the dining room! Create a welcoming and comfortable place to eat whether you're after the perfect perch for a leisurely Sunday breakfast with plenty of room for the papers or a stylish dining room fit for entertaining the neighbours, or simply the best place to catch up with family and friends during meal times. The dining room or dining area can be a real hub of the home drawing people to it and creating a space to chat and eat where you can leave all your problems at the door. Having a special set aside space can create focus and make meal times special again.

Our Dining Room Range

We have every type of table and chair that you can imagine from traditional wood to contemporary glass and high gloss finishes. Once you have decided on a look that you love the rest is easy. We do our best to make sure that each style has a variety of table sizes and chair combinations available so that space need not determine which set to go for.

Other Dining Room Furniture such as Bookcases

It's not all about the table and chairs though. The additional dining room furniture is just as important. Having a few piece from the same range creates a seamless look that can tie together an interior scheme in an instant. By far the easiest way to create that interior magazine look, and we offer room sets that not only look fantastic but also save you money. There's the traditional sideboard, cupboards and drawers add much needed storage while the sideboard itself provides extra surface space to display treasured items. Bookcases and display cabinets are also great options and add some height to otherwise low level furniture. Add to these a serving trolley and the look it complete.


Whether you are after a standard sideboard, or something more specific (a cabinet with veneers for your dining room in a contemporary modern design), or perhaps you are simply after budget storage area in your dining room, FADS.co.uk has a vast assortment of dining furniture for you to choose from.

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