Metal Beds

The minimalistic elegance of metal beds lend themselves perfectly to a fantastic range of different bedroom styles. Even if you choose to redecorate your bedroom in a number of different themes over the years, a timeless metal bed could be a constant fixture. We have carefully sourced metal bed manufacturers who only produce bed frames that are sturdy, reliable and retain their attractiveness even after years of use.

Sturdy Style

A good night’s rest is important for the body and mind to recuperate after a long day at work therefore a firm mattress may be required. This requires a bed that offers fantastic support to your body. The strong, well-built metal beds stocked by FADS ensure that you have the body support that you require for the night’s sleep.

Paired with one of our fantastic mattresses, a metal bed could help you enjoy night after night of comfortable and restful sleep.

Ornate Beauty

Creating a look of timeless, classic beauty in the bedroom has never been easier with FADS range of traditional bed frames. Utilising designs from the ages of sophistication, and production standards from the era in which true craftsmanship was valued above all else; our range of Victorian and Antique bed frames lend themselves perfectly to room with sophisticated, ornate décor. Our favourite timeless bed is our Firenze which just ooze a classic touch.

Day Beds

A sophisticated addition to any home; the day bed is the multi-functional furnishing feature designed specifically for the art of relaxation. Our metal framed day beds are equally adept for lounging around during a relaxing weekend with the family and for getting a restful 8 hours of slumber at night.

Our extensive range of day beds contains a number of models perfect for spare bedrooms to accommodate guests. We stock stylish models from respected manufacturers such as Firenze that do not compromise style for functionality.

Exemplary Hospitality

At FADS, we also stock a wide number of beds, perfect for guests and visitors ensuring that friends and family will have a fantastic, restful stay in with you. These guest beds combine comfort with storage qualities to ensure that they can be brought out and set up in the drop of a hat.

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