Fabric Beds

Fabric beds are full of warmth and personalised style that is perfect for adding identity to a bedroom. With significant craft and care going into all of the fabric beds that we stock at FADS, they can truly complete a room.

If you are hoping to attain an elegant bedroom aesthetic, a fabric bed may be the perfect furnishing for you. Given a modern twist with progressive design, many of our  beds still retain the classic charm intrinsically linked with the material but with a modern design.

Modern Living

Fabric bed frames lend themselves effortlessly to modern chic living. The rich colours woven into the fabrics perfectly complement modern fittings and bedroom designs. At FADS, our expertly crafted fabric beds create a soft focal point in a stylishly minimalistic home.

Soft Tones for Beautiful Homes

Stocking in a range of different soft tones and styles; FADS can help you achieve a subtle beauty within your bedroom. Paired with elegant fixtures, fabric beds can help create a soft and welcoming appearance.

Classical Spin on Contemporary Living

Create a fusion of the classic and the modern by partnering a fabric bed with more contemporary fittings and luxury conveniences such as wide screen televisions. In particular, it can add extra warmth to a bedroom in a new-build apartment.

Investing in the best of both worlds affords you the virtues from a wider range of characteristics and styles.

Additional Storage

Many of the fabric beds that we stock also offer additional storage options like the Rhea Fabri Silver Ottoman Bed that freeing up room in the bedroom. This functionality can be particularly helpful in smaller spare bedrooms when doubling up as storage for important but infrequently used items such as suitcases.

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