Sideboards are a stylish solution to dining room and living room storage. Offering convenient drawers, cupboards and surfaces to help keep your home organised and tidy, they are an extremely popular and often essential piece of furniture. At FADS we have a well trained eye for complimenting furniture to suit a variety of room styles and maintain individual themes; which is why we have produced a fantastic selection of sideboards to match any room setting and price budget.

The perfect sideboard

The perfect sideboard will add a subtle yet strong charm to your dining or living area; while it should look attractive, it should not draw attention from your dining table or coffee table. The sideboard should compliment the theme of the room it is placed in and should offer adequate storage for its purpose, ensuring that there is no clutter or stray objects. FADS offer a range that you can choose from a wooden, glass, gloss or marble finish, providing you with a great selection to find the ideal sideboard.

Wood is classical, and have been used in homes for many years. Many years ago the majority of furniture in a home was hand crafted from wood. The collection of wooden furniture created a natural rustic effect in most houses; in richer households, the wood was often varnished and polished, giving a more elegant feel. In the modern day, wooden sideboards remain highly popular and many people favour the traditional atmosphere they generate. Here at FADS we have an impressive range of wooden sideboards to offer including modern clean cut and fresh wooden sideboards. Furthermore they span a vast spectrum of woods including oak, pine and walnut sideboards.

Glass present a classy and sophisticated ambience, offering a glistening freshness and luxurious feel. Our selection of glass iboasts a unique and contemporary design that allows you to display your items whilst storing them.

Gloss sideboards are a striking modern approach to contemporary furniture. The sleek and lustrous image of the high gloss provides a highly sophisticated and glamorous feel to any home. A fabulous example of our stunning high gloss furniture is the Chelsea Sideboard, which features a chic white gloss front with a fine oak detailing. The smooth appearance is enhanced by the LED interior lighting that create a truly unique and stylish addition to any dining or living room. Choose from our gloss best selling sideboard such as our Brick white gloss sideboard, Urbana black gloss sideboard & our Allure white gloss sideboard

For a more gentle modern elegance, our marble sideboards offer a glorious and refined statement to your home. The marble design presents a magnificent traditional feel with a smart contemporary influence. The perfect accompaniment to a gorgeous marble dining table, our impressive marble sideboards offer durability and style for your dining room.

Buy your superlative addition to your home online with FADS grand selection of wooden, glass, gloss and marble sideboards. Our stylish range is guaranteed to include the ideal sideboard to suit you and your price range.

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