Wooden Beds

The simplistic, classic style of wooden beds has made them a mainstay of bedroom furnishings for hundreds of years. Sophisticated and durable; a wooden bed can complete a room and complement the décor and design perfectly. At FADS we stock wooden beds made from a range of different woods such as Oak, Walnut, Wenge, bringing with them their own stylistic benefits.

Light and Warmth

Unlike the more artificial furniture materials, wood furniture adds a definitive and almost tangible warmth to a room. The simplistic sophistication of wooden furnishings lends a ‘home-made’ feel to a room and suggests an appreciation for heritage.

Strength and Beauty

A good solid base is required for a restful and healthy night’s sleep. At FADS, we only source wooden bed frames from manufacturers and craftsman that we trust to produce strong, durable beds.

Find the Wood to Match the Room

The vast range of different woods and tones of woods mean that there is an almost endless supply of designs and styles at your disposal. Whatever the colour scheme, design and theme of your room, there is a wood that will complement it perfectly. Light, airy bedrooms may benefit from the inclusion of light oak furniture, perfectly continuing that theme. At the opposite end of the scale – a regal, classic looking bedroom may be better complemented by a bed made of darker wenge.

Wood Care

For it to retain its attractiveness and strength, it is important that your wood is cared for. This includes a small weekly cleaning routine alongside semi-regular maintenance. A simple, but careful routine can extend the life of the wooden furnishing significantly and keep it looking its best for longer.

Once a week, wipe a soft microfiber cloth over the wooden bed to remove excessive dust. If the wood becomes stained during the course of its life, it is not the end of the world.

Grease marks can be lifted by sprinkling on talcum powder, covering with kitchen paper and pressed down upon with a warm iron. Alcohol spots and watermarks can be removed using the application of cream metal polish. For more detail on how to treat your Bed read our Beds Buying Guide

Wood Care changes from wood to wood, so check with an expert or the manufacturer’s instructions before commencement.

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