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Deluxe mattresses with springs or foam, or springs and foam! We know it can be hard to pick what kind of mattress you need which is why we've teamed up with market leaders such as Myers and Relyon so that you can be sure of a great nights sleep.

Cot & Childrens Mattresses

Azarra Single Mattress 3′ Sprung

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Cot & Childrens Mattresses

Bella Deluxe 3′ Single Mattress Sprung

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Cot & Childrens Mattresses

Breasley UNO Junior Mattress

From £99

Memory Foam Mattresses

Bronzeflex Memory Foam Mattress

From £159

Sprung Mattresses

Dream 1500 Pocket Mattress

From £249

Sprung Mattresses

Dream 2000 Pocket Mattress

From £269

Sprung Mattresses

Dream 800 Pocket Mattress

From £199

Cot & Childrens Mattresses

Maxitex Magic 250 Memory Foam Mattress

From £129

Cot & Childrens Mattresses

Mercury 3′ Single Sprung Mattress Cream

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Sprung Mattresses

Myers Extra Comfort 1000 Mattress

Made to Order
From £300
Make sure you get a comfortable nights sleep with our extensive mattress range with a great choice of quality and affordable mattresses. If it’s a single mattress or a super king mattress, a pocket sprung, reflex foam or memory foam mattress, FADS.CO.UK is sure to have the exact size and style you’re looking for. With many different sizes on offer and top quality brand names, you can easily find a mattress that provides you with a sound and undisturbed sleep.
We spend a third of our lives in bed and therefore your Mattress will get a lot of use and therefore we recommend that you make this a considered purchase. Being comfortableand supported at night is the best way to ensure your receive a great nights sleep to refresh you for your day ahead. Our comfort guide will ensure that you pick a mattress suitable for you.
FADS Guide to a Comfy Nights Sleep
Soft and Medium mattresses are ideal if you sleep on your side as it allows your shoulders and hips to sink whilst supporting the rest of your body. Medium to Firm mattresses are perfect if you change your sleeping position throughout the night. A Firm Mattress is great if you sleep on your back or front and an Extra Firm Mattress is ideal if you need a level of orthopaedic support.
Please be advised that everyones perception of a Mattress Firmness can be different and we recommend that you take this into consdieration when chosing the mattress right for you.
Our mattresses come with FAST FREE DELIVERY most within a week 7 days of your order and therefore you can have that great nights sleeper sooner than you think!