Gloss Beds

The simplistic, contemporary styling of gloss beds make them perfect additions to the modern minimalistic bedroom. The manufacturing process and quality materials used ensure that all of the high gloss beds that we stock from our trusted suppliers retain their appearance and youthful good looks.

Modern City Living

The low-laying, high gloss bed has become a symbol of sophisticated city living. With space at a paramount, intelligent high gloss bedframe designs allow for maximum comfort without being cumbersome or obtrusive. Available with an almost endless supply of built-in modern conveniences, such as lights or speaker backboards, gloss beds are specifically designed for modern city living.

Available in a range of colours such as White, Black, Beige and Cream to complement different styles and décor in the bedroom; the chameleon-esque high gloss beds are incredibly adaptable.

Minimalistic Elegance

Investing in a minimalistic high gloss bed frame does not tie you down to a particular décor or furnishing style, due to the adaptability of the material in its appearance and performance. White, black and cream high gloss designs all complement a fantastically wide range of different styles and colour patterns. Neutral tones or eclectic feature colours alike can be implemented alongside the attractive, simplistic gloss fixtures. Our Chelsea white gloss bed or Puro bed offer simplistic clean lines with a stunning modern look

Simple Maintenance

It is incredibly simple to care for high gloss furniture due to its non-absorbent exterior and natural stain resistance. Without applying too much pressure, wipe down the surfaces with a damp cloth on a regular basis.

Removing stains is incredibly simple with warm water an just a minute measure of neutral soap, again using a damp cloth. This technique is particularly helpful when caring for white gloss furnishings that will show stains more obviously.

Sophisticated Children’s Furniture

The simplistic maintenance and adaptability of high gloss furnishings make them ideal for the bedrooms of children. As we all know, children are prone to making a mess, but this can be simply mopped up from the exterior of the high gloss. Furthermore, this adaptability means that the bed style will complement the room regardless of how many times you have to redecorate the room in tandem with the ever-changing tastes of children.

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