Leather Beds

The Importance of a good night’s sleep is our first concern when handpicking new leather beds for our online store. At FADS we appreciate how important sleep can be & how it affects so many factors of your life. We feel responsible for ensuring all of our beds are designed to help provide a restful sleep. At FADS, we only work with manufacturers that we trust implicitly to craft sturdy beds from the highest quality materials.

Faux Leather, Real Luxury

Adding a simplistic elegance to the bedroom; we stock a wide range of faux leather beds in a selection of styles, colours and sizes. Adding a classic warmth to the bedroom, faux leather beds from respected brands lend the bedroom a sense of tasteful sophistication without compromising personality.

As well as the ethical benefits, faux leather is also significantly easier and cheaper to maintain and care for than real leather. A microfiber cloth attracts dust and removes build up quickly and efficiently.

For those who like to eat in bed, food stains on a faux leather bedframe can be easily cleaned using a warm water and mild liquid detergent solution, even on a white faux leather bed. Using a non-abrasive sponge, simply wipe away the stains with this solution.

Affordable Luxury

Sunday morning in bed with the weekend newspaper, a cup of tea and easy-going television is one of life’s great pleasures. At FADS, we stock a range of TV beds with the functionality of holding a flat-screen television in the foot of the frame to emerge at your will. Never has a box-set Sunday been easier or more enjoyable than with an affordable, luxurious TV bed.

Extra Storage Options

Stocking a wide range of storage and ottoman beds; we understand that sometimes space is hard to come by and multi-function fittings are an ideal solution to problematic clutter. Those seldom needed, but utterly important belongings such as suitcases can be simply and unobtrusively stored right under your body with minimum fuss and no loss of style.

Our ottoman beds are perfect for the spare double bedroom that may not have as much space as the master suite.

The Kids Room

Stocking beds from only brands that we know and trust, our range of single and kids beds are strong and durable: perfect for little ones who like to jump up and down and roll about in bed. The easy-to-clean exterior is ideal for ensuring that busy hands don’t make a mess of the frame with crayons or cordials.

The classic, elegant design of our faux leather beds also ensure that they complement a wide range of different bedroom décor styles – essential for the ever changing, eclectic tastes of children, reflected in the evolving décor of their bedrooms and rotating collection of posters.

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