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Space Saving Options

Beds are great space saving options as they provide a compact design that you can place all your essentials underneath. The compact bed designs will free vital floor room for placing a wardrobe or simply having extra room to play.

Cabin & Mid Sleeper Beds

Cabin beds and mid sleepers have a raised sleeping area with safety rails that will reduce the risk of your child falling out of bed. The unique design can fit storage solutions underneath as well as provide a strong surface for your child to study. The Stompa Rondo 1 Cabin Bed features a pull out desk with cube unit storage that tucks neatly underneath the bed when not in use.

Mid sleeper beds are great for providing a unique place for your child to play. The Stompa Play 3 Mid Sleeper is a great example of how you can turn your child’s bed into an exciting play den and also a great idea for hiding boxes of toys.

High Sleeper Beds

High sleepers are aimed at 6 year olds to teens as it features a high sleeping surface with underneath storage facilities and a cool place for studying or hanging out. The Stompa Casa 4 High sleeper is a great example as it offers a useful pull out desk for studying as well as storage shelves for placing stationary or essential on.

The Stompa Casa 4 is also great for hosting sleepovers as it features a pull out futon that can be transformed into a bed for guests. With a generous amount of space underneath the high sleeper you can fit all your storage needs and not have to worry about squeezing everything into a room.

Is your Child Sharing a Room?

Sharing a room with a sibling means there is double the amount of clothes, shoes and essentials. Bunk beds have developed through the years and now recognise that storage for sharing kids can be a problem. The Complice Two Tone Bunk Bed is an excellent addition to a sharing bedroom as it provides plenty of space between the bunks allowing your child to stretch out without fear of bumping heads. The bunk bed is specially designed for children or teens that need a place to study as it features a handy desk at the foot of the bed with shelves to store books or stationary.

Creating a Study Area

A study area in your child or teens bedroom is an essential piece of furniture as it encourages them to do there homework and progress in school. If your home is blessed with large rooms then placing a large desk in the room will give them enough space to store there books. The Battle Oak and White Desk has a large table top with different levels that is great for placing a computer screen or laptop on. The desk has storage facilities that can hold paperwork, stationary or books keeping the desk clutter free when not in use.

If you are working with limited space in the bedroom and you do not want or have the space to place a mid sleeper or high sleeper then maybe considering a console table would be an alternative option. Console tables have a slim line design with beautiful detailing that would look great placed against the wall with shelves above for extra room.

Storage Solutions

Every room needs storage for placing clothes, shoes and essentials in. Choosing the right storage for your child or teens room will encourage them to keep a clean and tidy bedroom. Wardrobes are ideal for holding large amounts of belongings. The Smoozy White and Pink 3 Door Wardrobe has a double compartment that consists of shelves for placing folded clothes, toys or shoes and a single compartment with a hanging rail for keeping party dresses or nice shirts straight.

Chest of Drawers
Drawer units offer an additional space for placing valuables in that you may not want to put in your wardrobe. Stompa have created a large range of cube units and storage combinations that provide a cool and fun alternative to traditional chest of drawers. The Stompa range has a unique style that is available in a range of different colours making them perfect for colour co-ordinating. Cube units have a split 4 section compartment that has 2 doors that swing outwards to provide a private section for placing personal bits and bobs.

Storage combinations are large units that provide all the storage you need on one unit. The carefully structured furniture is designed by Stompa and can be designed in any way you desire. The changeable doors allow you to choose any coloured doors or mix and match. Storage combinations provide plenty of shelves, cupboards and toy boxes that will keep the bedroom clear and clutter free.

Bookshelves have a low or tall design and can be free standing or hung on the wall. Children accumulate many books over the years, having somewhere to place them all with easy accessible is important to your child. Rooms with limited floor space will benefit from a bookcase that can be placed on the wall, if your child has a high sleeper or mid sleeper and enjoys reading in bed then maybe considering a Tidy Books Bed Buddy may be a more convenient purchase.

Bookshelves don’t have to just display books, they can hold toys, DVD’s or figurines and can be displayed in a fun and exciting way. Tall bookcases can be placed in alcoves or against walls. If the bookcase is for a toddler or small child then we would suggest securing the bookcase to the wall to avoid the bookcase falling forward.

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