Terms Of Finance

  • If you make an application for credit, we will conduct a search on the records held about you at a credit reference agency or agencies which will supply us with information about your credit status as well as information held about you on the electoral register. We will use credit scoring methods to assess your application and to verify your identity. Credit searches and other information which is provided to us and/or the credit reference agencies about you and those with whom you are financially linked may be used by us and other companies if credit decisions are made about you or other members of your household. You are linked with another individual if you make a joint credit application or run a joint credit account with them. Even if your application goes no further, the credit reference agencies will add details of this search and your application to your record. We do not offer a quotation service and by proceeding with an application, a search will be registered at a credit reference agency.
  • Periodically we may search the information held about you with the credit reference agencies so that we can manage your account and make further decisions about whether your credit facility remains suitable for you. These searches will not be available to other lenders for credit assessment purposes.
  • If you enter into a credit agreement with our third party credit provider, they will also add details of your agreement as well as ongoing details of your account and how you manage it to credit reference agency records. If you do not repay on time or in full they will tell the credit reference agencies who will record details of the debt. All this information will be seen by other organisations carrying out later searches. This information may be used to assess you for credit or to verify your identity.
  • We may pass your information onto third parties for debtor tracing and debt recovery purposes.