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Wallpaper is a significant part of any room, it reflects personality and can tell a story. In the modern day wallpaper is responsible for the main character of a room, for the energy it creates and the mood it generates. At FADS we understand that buying the right wallpaper is a personal and delicate decision that will transform your house into your home.

When purchasing it is important to take into consideration what the room you are decorating will be used for. If you are decorating a high splash zone such as a kitchen, bathroom, playroom or nursery, you should consider a vinyl or washable paper which you will be able to clean with a cloth or sponge. When shopping you should take into account how light or dark the room is. Dark rooms can be difficult to decorate, especially if you are trying to create light and space. Sometimes it is better not to fight nature in a dark room and instead work with it using strong dark colours like purple and chocolates to create drama and intimacy. If you would prefer to use lighter tones, yellow or creamy neutral based tones will bounce light around.

There are many types of paper to choose from, selecting the right type of for the room it is intended for can be tricky. Below we have listed the different types of wallpaper and what rooms they are best suited to.

Vinyl wallpaper is great for areas that receive moisture like bathrooms and kitchens. Vinyl wallpaper is backed with fabric and is able to be washed with a cloth or sponge to maintain its fresh appearance.

Foil wallpaper provides an elegant metallic finish that is ideal for bathrooms or dark spaces that could use some brightening up. This needs to be applied on a perfectly smooth wall as they wrinkle easily and may show lumps and bumps if not hung correctly.

Textured wallpaper has a raised embossed pattern which forms a stunning, unique effect when hung correctly on your wall. Embossed paper can be painted without loosing the  textured effect. Embossed wallpaper is excellent for walls with minor imperfections and is the easiest way to transform trouble walls.



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