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Childrens Beds

Bedrooms are children's playrooms. Whether they want to play dress up or make a den, children are full of creative ideas. Why not reflect that creativity inside their bedroom with a range of bedroom furniture to suit every age group.

Including wardrobes, beds, highsleeper beds, midsleeper beds, drawers, storage and more FADS has everything you need.

Cots & Beds

FLEXA Play Cot Bed and Storage Bench

Leading Brand

Children's Bookcases & Shelving

FLEXA Play Cot Bed, Storage Bench and Bookcase

RRP £639

Childrens Character Beds

Hickory House Children’s Bed Frame


Childrens Bunk Beds

Holly Bunk Bed White With Heart Motif

RRP £699

Deals Of The Week

Holly White Wooden Single Bed Frame

RRP £399

Childrens Storage Beds

Hornblower Antique Pine Bed


Childrens Storage Beds

Hornblower Stone White Bed


Kids Bedroom

Jessica Bed Frame Pink or Cream

RRP £199.99

Childrens Mid Sleeper Beds

Kiddo Single Cabin Bed Sky Blue & White


Childrens Mid Sleeper Beds

Leo Maple Aluminium Finish Sleeper


Childrens Mid Sleeper Beds

Leo White Sleeper


Childrens Bunk Beds

London Bus Bunk Bed