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Memory Foam Mattresses

Originally developed by NASA in 1966, memory foam mattresses mould themselves around a sleeper’s body, reacting to their body heat. The dense and viscous material has a fast recovery rate, returning to its original shape faster than most other materials.

Commercial use of memory foam mattresses began in earnest in the late 80s/early 90s. Over the following 20 years, it has become one of the most popular types of mattress in production today. Current models typically use 2ndor 3rd generation memory foam.

Moulded to You

By moulding to the body of the sleeper and quickly returning to the original shape memory foam mattresses create a unique sleeping experience. The mattresses are proving to be incredibly popular with upscale hotels due to their ability to adapt to body shapes and weights of innumerate different guests and sleepers. The Breasley Value Graduate Visco Plus mattress adapts to every contour of the body quickly and effortlessly.

Family Suitability

Memory foam mattresses are not solely designed for those who have trouble getting comfortable or sleeping, they can benefit most members of the family. Whilst they are not advised for very young children, kids above the age can enjoy peaceful nights’ sleep with the help of memory foam mattresses.

The EcoFlex Reflex foam mattress is a fantastic starter bed for those who have never slept on a memory foam bed before, ideal for children or members of the older generation. 

Allergenic Protection

Alongside the physical health benefits, memory foam mattresses have been developed to protect sleepers from the hazards of dust mites and allergies. This can help promote a more comfortable and restful night’s sleep, leaving you feeling more refreshed and alert the next day.

The Breasley Postureform Supreme Ortho Reflex mattress has a premium quality, hypoallergenic, damask cover to protect against the onset of allergies

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