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Recently a child's bedroom has become an area where they tend to spend a lot more time than ever before. Whether playing computer games with friends or studying for school exams - your child's well-being and comfort are important to us. We have worked with our reputable manufacturers and have strived to supply the safest, most durable, and most innovative furniture for your children's rooms.


Our Selection

The types of children's beds we sell include single, bunk, and cabin beds, as well as high sleepers to make use of space. Our extensive and accommodating range also come in a variety of shades and colours, helping you make the best decisions to suit your family's lifestyle. In most cases, the number of children you have and their age determines the best style for you. We have found that it is sometimes useful to add additional features to the bunk beds. For example, dressers or desks are useful in a child's bedroom. Instead of building these separately, it is economical to include them in the bunk beds we sell. This method of integration in our children's furniture range also prevents you from having to buy more separate items than necessary. Choose from standard bunk beds, cabin beds with desks underneath, beds with storage shelves and themed beds for little ones that are adventurous and playful. Whether a bed with built-in drawers to store belongings is most suitable for your child, or a high sleeper with a free futon underneath, or even a bed shaped like a spaceship, we are sure you will find what you want from our selective range at FADS.CO.UK.


Miscellaneous Bedroom Furniture

In addition to a bed (or, if shared by two or more children, a bunk bed), a child's bedroom may include a computer, game console, books, toys and other items. We aim to facilitate for this by providing wardrobes, bedside tables and chest of drawers specifically with children in mind, whilst ensuring space and storage is used as efficiently as possible. Having a television in a bedroom is fairly common as well. 43% of children from ages 3 to 4 have a television in their bedrooms, and children tend to have more toys and possessions than they did a few decades ago. Our children's furniture provides large amounts of storage, and comes in such a variety of designs that we are sure you will find something to match your child's tastes. Additionally, many children's bedrooms require a desk to work and to study, as well as to read, draw, and be creative. We even stock bookcases, organisers and clothes trees specifically for children's rooms.


Our Promise

We believe your child's room should be practical and innovative, and that a wide range of children's furniture is essential when deciding what is most effective in your own home. We also believe that you will find our distinctive ranges each embody a concept. We have exactly what your child needs to work, rest and play safely in the comfort in their own room, and we can help you provide an environment for your children to enjoy themselves and sleep soundly at night.