TV Stand Ideas

A TV stand is a durable piece of furniture that will support your entertainment system in your home. Finding the right stand to suit your needs and expectations will complete the look in your living room.

TV Stand Designs

There are 2 types of ways to display you TV, on the wall or placed on a stand. Which ever way you choose to display your TV you need to think about how you would store your DVD player, set top or games consoles.

Displaying your TV on the wall is great for saving floor space especially in smaller rooms. Placing your TV on a wall bracket allows you to place it anywhere in the room and can be placed on different style brackets that allow you to tilt the screen, pull it away from the wall or move it up and down the wall. To store you games console, set top box and Blu Ray Player you could place shelves around or underneath the TV. A more modern way to display your TV on the wall is placing your TV above a sideboard or console table and place your entertainment unit in the sideboard.

TV stands come in many different shapes, sizes and materials so there is a stand to suit every need and every style of room. A TV stand can provide enough storage to support your games console, blu ray player and set top box as well as providing space for additional essentials. Choosing a TV stand with doors and drawers allows you to hide all cables and entertainment devices for a neat style in your room. Glass TV stands have a durable, strong finish that will blend into any décor, the uniquely shaped stands can be placed into a corner or alcove providing a neat space saving design in your living room.

Blend Or Contrasting?

When choosing your TV stand do you choose a stand that will blend into your existing décor or do you choose a TV stand that will create a contrasting look? The answer is down to preference and if you want your TV stand to be a main focus in your room.

Creating a contrasting look in your living room can be created in many ways. A more modern way of displaying your TV stand is to purchase a TV stand in a beautiful vibrant colour that will compliment your room. Your can also create a stunning contrasting look by having a glass stand against all wooden furniture.

Blending your TV stand into your décor will take the emphasis away from your TV and stand. You can blend your TV stand by matching the wood with your existing furniture or placing your TV against a feature wall.

Accessorising Your Stand

Many people do not accessorise there TV stands or surrounding areas as the do not want to clutter the area and take away the main feature of the stand. However accessorising your TV stand and surrounding area can modernise your TV stand and create a beautiful centre piece in the room.

TV’s that are hung above sideboards or wall units can be accessorised by placing candles, lamps and small photo frames on top of the sideboard to create a visually exciting look.

TV stands have shelves and storage compartments that are great for placing tea lights, photo frames and small ornaments that match your colour scheme.