Choosing your Colour Palette

Decorating your living room doesn’t have to be restricting, there are many different methods that can be applied, from choosing the right feature wallpaper to painting the right colour tones.

Cool, light tones are key to decorating smaller living areas as they provide an airier feel to the room therefore creating a sense of space around you. When choosing your colour palette it is a good idea to select one main colour then explore the different tones within that colour. Using multiple tones of pastel greens in your room for example will create a visually exciting look whilst keeping the sense of space as a priority.

Painting or Using Wallpaper?

If wallpaper is a more favourable choice of decoration then a feature wall can be applied by choosing naturally toned striped, plain or lightly printed wallpaper. Striped wallpaper hung horizontal will draw the human eye along the stripe making the wall seem longer and therefore giving a different perception to the room.

If your room has a chimney breast then painting or wallpapering the alcoves only can give the illusion that the walls have been pushed back and can make the room again seem larger as well as giving you a more interesting feature to the room. Some rooms have a dado rail that runs along the centre of the wall causing a divide, wallpapering the top half of the wall and painting the bottom will reduce the room from looking small and cramped.

Accessorising Your Walls

The most ideal piece of furniture to hang on your walls is a mirror. Many people hang mirrors above the mantelpiece as this gives an illusion of depth in the room. Placing mirrors in your room will reflect natural and artificial light that will make the room seem brighter during the day and the night.

Wall Art
Wall art is a great way of injecting small amounts of colour into your room. Choosing bright colours with a minimalistic design will inject personality and excitement into your home. You should choose a maximum of 2 pieces of wall art and space them out on different walls, overcrowding your walls or placing art in groups can cause fuss and over crowding.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Small rooms have limited space which may be inconvenient for storage space. Choosing the right furniture for your room is important for maximising your storage to the best of the room’s ability.

Rooms that have alcoves are the ideal shape for providing excellent opportunities for placing storage facilities. Alcoves come in different sizes, if your alcoves have a decent width you may be able to fit a two door sideboard with a beautiful lamp on top. Bookcases are another option for placing in your alcove, choosing an open back bookcase will provide space behind the structure which allows the eye to travel, giving the room a spacious feel.

If you wish to create a snug, cosy atmosphere in your room then choosing a small glass or gloss coffee table in the centre of the room will create the desired look. If you prefer minimal fuss and a more open plan space, your may prefer a lamp table or nest of tables that can be situated against a wall or placed at the side of your sofa. Nest of tables are a popular choice for smaller living rooms as it can be placed anywhere in the room and features a second smaller table that tucks neatly underneath the main table when not in use.

Your TV is an important part of your room as it provides your main form of entertainment for the evening. Small rooms can benefit from placing your TV on the wall or on a stand. Wall mounted TV’s will provide more floor room space so you do not have to worry about purchasing stands and measuring your space. If you do not want to place your TV on the wall then purchasing a glass or gloss TV stand will help to reflect the natural or artificial light around the room.

Plan your Seating & Style

Your seating in your living room is one of the most important pieces of furniture for you and your family as it needs to offer a high level of comfort and support. To maximise your space you should try to purchase seating with low arm rests and slim line structures as this will blend in with your room as apposed to over powering your space.

There are many different styles of sofa’s that you can choose from, corner sofa’s are a great choice as they offer a neat structure that can be placed in the corner of your room and will free precious floor space. Corner sofas are a stylish modern choice that can be purchased in different shapes to fit all room types.

Clutter Free Rooms

Keeping your room tidy and clutter free will help your small room feel large and spacious. When placing your soft furnishings your need to remember that less is more, keeping your window area light and airy is important as this is your main source of light and the key to making your room seem bright and spacious. Avoid placing large rugs in your living room as it will clutter the floor space and cause the room to look crowded.

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