Essential Storage Designs

Having the right storage in your home will contribute to a tidy environment that is clutter free and will improve your overall mood. Storage facilities provide a home for your essentials that can either be closed off for privacy or neatly displayed in a bookcase or display cabinet.

Ideal Storage Solutions

Your living room requires storage for placing magazines, books, TV remote controls and your telephone. The right level or storage for your needs and size of your room is essential. There are many different styles to choose from including nest of tables, coffee tables, lamp tables and magazine racks.

When choosing which storage would be best for your room think about the size of your room, what you need your storage for and how will it best suit your décor. Nest of tables are great for smaller rooms as it features two tables that neatly stack under one another, if you have visitors you can place the smaller table next to them so they have a convenient place to put there drinks or belongings. Magazine racks are also great for smaller rooms as they can be placed discreetly at the side of your sofa.

Storage coffee tables
Coffee tables are versatile pieces of furniture that are available in a wide range a styles and sizes. Purchasing a coffee table with storage can solve all your storage problems within your room.

The Jual Cube coffee table is a beautiful example as to how you can store you magazines, remote controls and personal belongings out of view, leaving your room clutter free and tidy. The Jual Cube coffee table has a discreet pull out draw that blends into the structure of the coffee table when closed creating a modern, relaxing living space.

The Vertigo Black Coffee Table has a stunning high gloss finish with a smooth eye catching table top. The Vertigo coffee table has an open storage design underneath the table top that is ideal for storing all your belongings. The open space storage is great for placing your belongings, however you do not get the same level of privacy as you would a draw so keeping your magazines in neat piles with a nice ornament or vase on top will eliminate a messy or cluttered look.

The Right Storage For You

Magazine rack
A magazine rack is ideal for storing newspapers and magazines and can be easily stored in small spaces. Magazine holders come in a wide range of modern styles that can suit most décor styles. The Bridgett Black Gloss Magazine Holder has a unique design that slots together to form a modern stylish look.

Nest of tables
Nest of tables are great for placing your items on, the unique design can feature up to 3 tables that neatly tuck underneath one another. Nest of tables can be placed anywhere in your room making it ideal for social gatherings.

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