How To Decorate Your Coffee Tables

Your coffee table is the main centre piece in your room as it displays traits of your personality as well as your design abilities. Decorating your coffee table can set the style and tone of a room, there are many different tones you can set, from a warm feel to a cool modern atmosphere.

Consider Your Colour Palette

Your colour palette is important when accessorising your coffee table, choosing the right tones will set the mood within the room. Accessorising your coffee table can give your neutral toned room a pop of colour that creates a contrasting style within the room. If you prefer your coffee table to blend in with the room choosing soft colour tones to match your décor will create a beautiful flowing style that is easy on the eye.

Coffee tables come in different finishes from white gloss to natural wood grain, choosing accessories that will emphasise the beautiful detail of the coffee table will really show off your creative ability as well as transforming your room into a modern, luxurious space. Black gloss or painted coffee tables can be styled with white or cream accessories, where as natural wood grain coffee table can be accessorised with bright bold colours for an interesting contrasting effect.

How To Accessorise

Your coffee table should be accessorised with an arrangement of interesting objects, but still able to function as a coffee table.  Keeping your coffee table clutter free from magazines and remote controls for your TV can be difficult unless your coffee table has hidden storage space underneath. If your coffee table does not have the additional storage maybe think about accessorising with a stylish box or wicker basket depending on the style you are trying to create.

The dynamics on your coffee table are important for creating an eye catching look. When placing your items in a suitable position think about height and scale, use books to change the dynamics of your smaller items and tall vases to add height to your flowers. Creating different levels of height on your coffee table will create a visually exciting composition to your room.

Trays can have a huge impact on the design of a coffee table as it adds another layer of interest and can reduce the appearance of a large coffee table in your room. Placing all your accessories in the tray can create a powerful visual effect as well as keeping things organised.

Creating A Style Within A Room

You can manipulate the style of a room just by accessorising your coffee table. Below we have added some helpful hints and tips for creating some popular styles.

To create a warm, cosy effect, we suggest a rustic coffee table with beautiful large glass storm lanterns and plenty of candles. Chrome or wicker works really well with glass to create the perfect desired look.

A romantic style can be created with a luxurious white gloss or painted coffee table that is accessorised with pastel pinks or blue tones. Flowers, tea lights and fine china can add to the romantic effect. Remember placing books, different sized vases can add to the dynamic of the coffee table to create a beautiful unique look.

Cool modern styles are created by placing neatly stacked books and storage boxes  with green foliage and uniquely shaped items. Glass objects can also add to the style as they are an object of interest with unique features.

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