Storage Bed

Rooms with limited storage facilities will benefit from having a storage bed that they can place all there personal essentials in. Storage beds come in two varieties, ottoman or drawers. Choosing drawers as an under bed storage option is great as you can simply pull the drawer open and have instant access to your belongings, however you need to make sure there is enough space to open your drawers.

Ottoman beds are practical and easy to use, you simply lift the bed frame using the gas lift mechanism to access the space underneath your bed. Ottoman beds are great for rooms with limited space as they bed lifts upwards or side to side so you do not have to worry about the space around the bed.

To maximise the space in your room you should purchase a bed with a high headboard as this will draw the eye upwards making the room seem taller. Your bed should have no footboard as this will create more space and also discourage you from placing clothes, handbags or ties on the end.

Choosing the Right Furniture

Finding the right storage for your bedroom doesn’t have to be traditional; choosing items that belong in other rooms can create a visually exciting style and provide you will excellent storage.

Console Tables
Console tables are a slim line versatile piece of furniture that can be used in the bedroom as a desk or dressing table. Using a console table as a desk will provide a place to study or do paper work, place shelves above the desk or to the side will provide room to space out your accessories. Console tables can be turned into dressing tables by placing a beautiful ornate mirror on the wall in front of the table, purchasing a fold away chair or upholstered stool will help to finish to desired look.

Bookcases are ideal for storing items on; there unique slim line features mean you can place into alcoves or against small structured walls. Some bookcase designs come with the facility to place boxes or storage baskets on the shelves which is ideal for placing personal bits and bobs in.

Sliding Wardrobe
Sliding wardrobes can be a life saver if you do not have the room for hinged swinging wardrobes. Sliding wardrobes are great for placing small chest of drawers inside, however you need to make sure you measure the space carefully otherwise the doors may not close. Sliding wardrobes come with an option of mirrored fronts, choosing mirrored front wardrobes are great for smaller rooms as it reflects the light around the room creating a sense of space and light.

Bedside Tables
Bedside tables are great as an additional storage feature as they come with deep storage drawers that are great for placing small essentials or folded t-shirts. If you prefer a larger space for storing your laptop or books then choosing a bedside table with a storage drawer and large cupboard or shelf underneath may be more ideal for you. If you have no room for a bedside table then another alternative is to place shelves above your bed, remember to place them high so you do not bump your head getting in and out of bed!

Choosing a Colour Palette

Keeping your bedroom neutral with light tones is the ideal décor for smaller bedrooms. However if you prefer to introduce colour into the room why not do this through your soft furnishings. Choosing a bright colourful bed throw, lamp shades and decorative cushions can brighten the room and make it feel more personalised to you.

If neutral coloured walls are to plain for your palette then you can choose a pastel colour and explore the different pastel tones, for example choosing a pastel green for your main wall and then choosing a lighter pastel green tone for your other walls will create a fresh appeal to the room. If you are introducing colour to your walls then you should keep your soft furnishings neutral.

Accessorising Your Bedroom

If you have wooden floors and you want to warm the room with a beautiful rug, than make sure your rug is placed under the bed, your rug should be large enough for you to step on to it when you get out of bed. Rugs should be kept simple, no bright colours or patterns as this will take over the room.

Ceiling lights are great for creating a focal point in the bedroom. Low designs and large features look great in neutral toned rooms.

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