Shabby Chic

Shabby chic style is a form of interior design where the furniture is selected due to its age and signs of wear and tear. Newer furniture can be distressed to achieve the appearance of an antique look. Shabby chic style is a popular décor in bedrooms; it has a soft cottage appearance that offers a homely appealing feel.

Choosing The Right Tones

To create a shabby chic look in your bedroom your colour palette should consist of white, pastel pink and pastel blues. Shabby chic is a feminine style that has floral patterns and ornate details.

Feature walls are a popular choice to capture the perfect shabby chic look. The Flourish White & Silver Floral Wallpaper has a beautiful floral pattern that would look stunning as a feature wall behind your bed. Keeping your walls light and airy will contribute towards the shabby chic style.

The Indira pastel peacock floral wallpaper is a luxurious wallpaper that will look beautiful as a feature wall. The stunning pastel pinks and light hints of pastel blue and green set the perfect colour tones for your shabby chic look.

Shabby Chic Furniture

The furniture you choose for your shabby chic look is important; placing the right furniture in your bedroom will help to achieve the desired style. White painted furniture is an excellent choice as it displays the distressed detail whilst providing a sense of space in the room.

Your bed is an eye catching piece of furniture that should provide comfort and support. The Vista solid pine and distressed bed is the perfect addition for a shabby chic room. The Vista Bed has a gorgeous hand painted distressed finish that has authentic detailing and discrepancies which add charisma to the bed.

When creating a shabby chic look your bedroom should be coordinated with furniture from the same range to capture the stunning rustic appearance and contemporary feel. Your wardrobe, bedside tables, chest of drawers and dressing table will provide excellent storage whilst contributing to the shabby chic look.

Feature chairs are a great additional to your bedroom, they can be used as a quiet place to snuggle up and read a book or used as a elegant chair for a dressing table. The Louis shabby chic chair has a neutral coloured distressed painted frame with check pattern fabric that will blend into any shabby chic interior.

Shabby Chic Soft Furnishings

Soft furnishings allow you to display you personality within your room. Choosing the right furnishings can set the ambience and help you to relax.

Dressing your bed in the right style of bed linen is important as your need to make sure your distressed style bed is on show and you do not loose the shabby chic style. Keeping your bed linen white with a floral, pale pink or pale blue throw or bedspread will add a touch of colour without taking the emphasis away from the detailing on the bed.

Accessorising your bedroom with ornaments and nik naks is where your personality will shine through. Metal and wicker is a popular choice when accessorising a shabby chic bedroom. Candelabra, bird cages, flowers and rustic frames are some of the popular items used when accessorising your shabby chic room.

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