Bed Space Saver

Your bedroom is a personal space that holds all your personal belongings, clothes and essentials. Keeping your room clutter free and tidy can improve your mood and help you to relax in the evening. If storage space is an issue for you due to small space or just simply having to many clothes or shoes then an alternative form of storage is available under your bed.

Ottoman Beds

An ottoman bed is a storage bed that is designed to store your belongings out of sight so your room can be kept nice and tidy with ease. The ottoman bed frame and mattress lifts up using a gas powered mechanism, this allows you to place your essentials under the bed without risk of the bed frame dropping.

Ottoman beds are excellent for storing bed linen, shoes, clothes and other personal belongings. Having extra storage space underneath your bed can help to de-clutter your wardrobes and chest of drawers. There are different bed bases to an ottoman, some have fitted bed bases that elevate your belongings off the floor and some ottomans have no bases which means you will need to place your items on your carpet.

The Accent Fabric Ottoman Bed offers amazing storage with a discreet design that allows you easy access to your belongings. The accent ottoman bed has a bottom floor that is elevated off the floor, which helps to keep your essentials hidden. Some ottoman beds have built in floors to protect your flooring and your belongings from damage or indenting your carpets.

The Chelsea Fabric Ottoman Bed has a strong gas lift that allows the bed to be lifted to reveal convenient under bed storage. The ottoman bed has a low design that allows you to place your belongings on the floor without them being on show. Placing your items on the floor is an advantage for heavy items as you do not have to worry about them falling through the bed.

Beds With Drawers

Bed frames with drawers are excellent for storage, the pull out drawers are situated underneath the bed and are easily pulled out to reveal all your belongings. The drawers have there own framed structure that is elevated off the floor so you can store smaller essentials without the risk of them getting lost.

There are different styles of beds with drawers; some beds come with multiple drawers for maximum storage where as some beds come with an option to place your drawer on the left or right hand side of your bed.

The Infinity EU Multi Storage Bed is the perfect example of a bed with under storage drawers. The beautifully structured bed features 2 storage drawers on either side of the bed and 2 storage bays that allow you to place items under the bed without having to move the bedside tables to open the drawers.

The Cocoon Gloss Bed has a full length drawer that slides in underneath the side rails of the bed. The Cocoon has a drawer on either side of the bed that offers excellent storage space for a clutter free environment.

Fabric Beds vs. Leather Beds

Both fabric beds and leather beds are a popular choice when purchasing a bed. The luxurious materials have there own advantages and disadvantages and in the end the decision will come down to personal preference.

Fabric Beds have excellent comfort and allow you to sit up in bed without having to rearrange your pillows. The comfortable padded headboard is upholstered with soft luxurious material and finished in a soft fabric. Fabric beds are available in a wide range of choices from mink velvet fabric to grey fabric. Choosing a fabric material also gives you more options to include pattern or print designs as well as being available in a wide range of colours to suit your décor.

Fabric material has neutral qualities that are able to be placed along side wood or gloss furniture making it easy to coordinate your bedroom. Fabric beds can be repaired easily if damaged and can be cleaned of stains using furniture cleaner. If you have pets that like to jump or sleep in the bed with you, then vacuuming your bed every so often will help to remove access pet hair from the material.

Leather beds have a classy, durable look that will suit most bedroom décor. Leather beds are commonly manufactured in dark brown, cream and black however you can get additional colours from specialist manufacturers.

Leather can age well if you look after it correctly; using special cleaner to hydrate the leather can help with the aging process and can create a beautiful aged leather effect in your bedroom. Leather is easy to clean and maintain, however it is important to keep zips and sharp objects away from the material as it is harder to repair.

Create The Look

Your ottoman bed is a stylish and elegant piece of furniture that should be completed with beautiful linens that compliment the structure and colour of the bed. If you want to show the structure of your fabric bed and use it as a feature to complement the linen and décor, then tucking your bed sheets and duvet under the mattress will add a stylish and modern look to your room. Tucking the bed sheets underneath the mattress will also make it more convenient and easy to lift your ottoman without the sheets being disturbed.

Storage drawer beds look great with the bed linen tucked into the mattress or if you want to disguise your drawers the storage beds can look just as nice with the linen draped down. Fabric and leather beds have there own distinctive look, adding a throw or bedspread to your bed can create a opulent, luxurious look that is both eye catching and modern.

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