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At FADS we recognise the importance of quality wallpaper in contemporary living and decorating. Many years of experience and dedication to supplying great wallpaper designs means we understand that buying wallpaper is a personal and delicate decision. A history of close collaboration with long-term trusted manufacturing companies makes FADS a trusted supplier of wallpaper online.

Wallpaper is a significant part of any home. It reflects personality and can tell a story; much like in the Stone Age when cavemen drew pictures on the walls of caves, narrating their lives and illustrating their personalities. In the modern day wallpaper is responsible for the main character of a room; for the energy it creates and the mood it generates. The wallpaper you choose puts a statement in your home and makes it yours. It allows you to relax in an atmosphere you created and entertain guests with a design you chose. Wallpaper is what makes a house your home.

Types of Wallpaper

Wallpapers can be patterned, floral and plain, each style providing a different feel. Here at we also stock wall stickers and wall art for more unique designs. Wallpapers serve the purpose of making each room unique, whether it’s a bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom the wallpaper will define each one.

At we offer an extensive range of wallpaper designs that are available to buy online with free delivery. Our wallpapers include floral designs, patterned designs and plain wallpapers all in a variety of colours for you to choose from. Our wide ranging collection includes wallpaper to suit any budget and style, offering designer patterns at cheap prices.

Patterned wallpaper has been popular for many years, varying from simple and subtle to bold and striking. Our most popular patterned wallpaper is the Bravo Black & White Striped Wallpaper, which offers a fantastic chic contemporary style and excellent character. The Bravo wallpaper design is also available in shell cream, mocha, damson, mineral brown, taupe beige, charcoal and espresso colours, allowing for an individual preference to create the mood you desire.

Our floral wallpaper boasts styles from vintage floral to oriental floral, providing a fantastic selection of retro and contemporary wallpaper ideas. Floral designed wallpaper has an extensive history, from the natural impressionism of the 19th century to the surrealist and digital art styles of the modern day. Floral images reflect nature and gardens, a quintessentially British passion and therefore a lasting theme that has stylishly adapted with each generation. Our best selling floral wallpapers include the Arthouse Twilight Floral Wallpaper, which offers a stylish classy design for a beautiful elegant feel. The Twilight Floral Wallpaper is available in cream, green, red, black and purple variations to suit a large selection of themes.

Another popular floral wallpaper is the Flourish Floral Wallpaper, which creates a contemporary and sophisticated look. The Flourish wallpaper design is available in plum & gold, black & silver, white & silver, cream & gold and teal & gold colour variations to offer a great choice to suit your unique ideas.

Shop online at FADS for a fantastic selection of patterned, plain and floral wallpaper to create the perfect statement in your home. Our expertise and experience mean we are dedicated to finding the perfect wallpaper design for you at the best prices. At FADS we can supply you with cheap designer wallpaper with free delivery.