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Dividing Your Living Area

Bookcases have a low or tall design and can be featured in any room in your home and can therefore be used as a great alternative for dividing your living area. Bookcases that are used to divide your space usually have an open back design which is great for keeping your room bright and airy. When accessorising your bookcase divider it is a good idea to display plants, vases and small tea light holders, this will keep your bookcase minimalistic and modern. 


Organising Your Bookcase

Adding your own personality and stylish flare to your bookcase will create a unique look that is both eye catching and contemporary. Placing books on your bookcase doesn’t mean they have to be carefully placed in alphabetical order, breaking the traditional mould will help you create a more modern look. 

Placing your books horizontally and vertically in groups of colour can give that extra visual appeal to your shelves. Horizontal stacked books can be used as platforms to store tea light holders or small trophies that will exhibit your smaller goods to there full potential. 

Once you are happy with your uniquely placed books, its time to think about accessories. When choosing which items to display think about using a colour scheme, keeping to a few simple shades will add to the over all effect. Bookcases come in different designs, depending on your design will result in how you display your accessories. 

How to Group Your Bookcase

Triangle Method:
Placing your accessories in a triangular shaped method on your bookcase will help bring order to your shelves. Your triangular shape can be created side ways, upside down or normal. Using a mixture of large and small objects will add to the effect and create a beautiful visual piece. 

Grouped Method: 
If your bookshelf has large shelves you can group your objects together, for example placing three small frames together will form a striking look, try this effect with other objects like trophies, tea lights and plates. 

Introducing Colour

Add interest to the back of your bookcase by adding a splash of colour or decorative wallpaper. Some bookcases come with a standard back board that stops your books from falling through, having a back board allows you to add paint or wallpaper to your bookcase. 

Using bright or bold colours on the back board will add personality to your bookcase, however be careful to consider your main colour scheme in the room, placing a yellow bookcase against a red wall may clash. 

You can place your bookshelf against a feature wall If you bookcase has an open back design, this will still create a unique look without having to worry about clashing your colour schemes. 


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