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The Guest Bed

The guest bed is an important selection when designing your guest room, it is the main source of comfort and the difference between a good nights sleep. There are many types of guest beds to choose from depending on the room size and how often you will use your guest bed. 

Day Beds are perfect for guest rooms as they have a unique, modern style that is both comfortable and versatile. Most day beds have the option to add a trundle underneath the bed, this is great for multiple guests as you can pull the trundle out from under the bed to create 2 separate beds.

Day beds have a beautiful ornate structure that can be used as a bed or a seating area. When the day bed is not being used as a bed you can place lots of cushions along the back frame to create a quiet reading space or a comfortable sofa effect. 

Folding Guest Beds

Folding guest beds can be placed anywhere in your home as they are easy to transport and fold away for storage. If your guest room has multiple uses then you may not want your guest bed on permanent display. Purchasing a folding guest bed allows you to fold away and place in storage. 

If you have a big enough room and you want to allocate your room to strictly guest use only, then purchasing a normal bed frame may be the perfect option for you. A bed frame can be purchased with storage that allows your guest to put there bags away.

If you are expecting couples or multiple guests a double or king sized bed frame can be a comfortable option. 

Storage Options for your Room

Storage space in your guest room should be considered carefully to make sure you are maximising the space to the best of its potential. Adding storage facilities to your guest room will allow your guests to place there clothes, bags and essentials. 

Bookcase Options
A bookcase is a brilliant option for storage, with a large selection of sizes and styles they can hold an excellent amount of essentials. The Cubo Black and White Cube Storage unit has a modern yet simply design that is ideal for placing in a guest room; the slim line design has three drawers that allow your guests to store there private belongings as well as seven shelves for placing folded clothes and bathroom essentials. If you want your guest room to have a modern yet rustic flare then the Scan White & Bamboo Ladder Bookcase will look fantastic as a feature piece of furniture. 

Optional Bedroom Furniture

Side tables are great for placing next to a guest bed and will offer a handy place for your guests to store there mobile phones, mp3 player or books. Side tables can also offer storage drawers that can be used for placing belongings inside; the Ohio 3 Drawer Bedside Table is a classic example as to how much storage a bedside table can offer. Bedside tables can offer less storage drawers and bigger storage cupboards that you can place your laptop or books inside. 

Chests of drawers have a wide and narrow design, depending on the size of your room would depend on which style you can fit into your guest room.

Narrow chests are great for smaller rooms as they fit into alcoves or small spaces, narrow chests have deeper drawers to compensate for the narrow structure. 

Give your walls Personality

Neutral décor is a popular choice when decorating guest rooms; however there is nothing to say you can’t portray your personality through your choice of art. When couples move in together there is always that one piece of questionable art that you can not agree on, more often those pieces of crazy daring art will be displayed on the guest room wall. 

Placing crazy canvases, art and ornaments can create a visually exciting effect that your guests will enjoy looking at.  (Stag head image)

Mirrors placed around the room will allow your guests to admire themselves in the morning before greeting everybody for breakfast. Mirrors are ideal for making a room seem larger; they bounce light around the room making it feel bright and airy. 

Don't Forget the Final Touches

Adding final touches to your guest room can make the difference to making your guests feel at home. Soft furnishings like cushions, curtains and throws will make the room feel homely and inviting. 

Don’t forget your guest will require a shower or use of the bathroom in the morning, placing large shower towels and face clothes in there room allows them the choice to bathe without needing to ask. Everybody accumulates samples of toothpaste, perfumes and shower gels leaving them in a jar or bowl in the room can make your guests feel at ease and welcome. 

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