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A combination of many years of knowledge and experience in the dining furniture market, continuous development, coupled with testing against recognised standards have made a market leader as a dining furniture supplier. All products have been designed by long-term trusted manufacturing companies we work with on a daily basis.

Modern Dining Room Usage

For many of us today, the dining room is a place to socialise and catch up with our families at the end of the day, or to entertain friends at the weekend. It is a Iiving area where you would have guests, and you would eat and spend time together whilst eating a meal, all while enjoying their company in the comfort of your own home.

A dining room is usually furnished with a dining table and a number of dining chairs. It may also contain sideboards, cabinets and bookcases, providing useful storage areas, allowing you to customise your dining room more freely and use space efficiently.

Our Dining Room Range

Our selected range of dining tables includes tables made from wood, glass, and marble, and some are also available with a gloss finish. We distribute for an array of dining table brands, and the range we have offers an extensive and selective scope to suit any budget whilst still helping you find what works for your dining room. Our search refinement tool offers an easy way to also choose the colour and finish you require whilst saving you time. Dining chairs can be purchased as part of a dining set in order to effectively match tables and chairs, or can be bought separately, whichever is most convenient for you. Dining chairs are also available in polycarbonate, leather, wood and fabric, as well as a comprehensive range of colours and designs.

Other Dining Room Furniture such as Bookcases

Our selection of bookcases includes a variety of sizes, designs and prices, allowing you to choose what's right for you without worrying about the price. The bookcases we have are designed to be the perfect height to allow the spines of the books to be read with ease. Additionally, some of our bookshelves can have other pieces of furniture stood upon them, such as a cabinet or sideboard, and the designs offer space for large and small books to be kept either in vertical piles or horizontally on wide shelves.


A sideboard is an item of furniture traditionally used in the dining room for serving food, for displaying serving dishes such as antiques, and for storage. It usually consists of a set of cupboards and one or more drawers, topped by a flat display top for conveniently holding food, serving dishes, and even lighting devices. The overall height of most of our sideboards is approximately waist level. Our extensive gloss sideboard pieces are ideal for any modern interior whilst our Wooden collection provides a contemporary look. Our dining cabinets come in both corner and display types, from smooth and cutting-edge, to avant-garde wooden and more traditional designs.

Whether you are after a standard sideboard, or something more specific (a cabinet with veneers for your dining room in a contemporary modern design), or perhaps you are simply after budget storage area in your dining room, has a vast assortment of dining furniture for you to choose from.