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Purchasing Occassional Furniture Buying Guide

Occasional furniture is essential within your living room and is used daily; therefore it is vital you get the correct furniture to suit your style and requirements. Make sure you purchase furniture that is in proportion to your room. Placing large furniture or too much furniture in a room will make your living room look over crowded and small – Less is more as they say!


What Are The Different Styles?

•    Coffee Table
•    Lamp Table
•    Nest of Tables

What Are My Style Options?

Occasional tables should compliment your room. Choosing neutral colours or glass & gloss will create a modern contemporary look to your living room and will coordinate with your colour scheme
•    Glass tables are great for modern and smaller living rooms as they provide a larger perception due to their transparent material.
•    Gloss tables feature clear styles and straight lines for an ultra modern look. Placing black or white gloss occasional tables alongside contrasting furniture will create an eye-catching look.

Less contemporary rooms would benefit from Wooden or Marble occasional tables where the table becomes the main feature within your living room

•    Wooden tables are best suited in larger living rooms due to the detail they feature. Light or washed oak finish can be placed in modern living rooms whereas Walnut and Acacia is best situated in less contemporary rooms.
•    Marble occasional tables feature marble etching detail that is suited for traditional rooms. The strong and substantial furniture is perfect for everyday use


I Am Unsure What Table I Need

Depending on the size of your room and your requirements you should choose from a Coffee, Lamp or Nest of Tables. When purchasing occasional tables think of where you would position the table and what will they be used for.


Coffee Table

Coffee tables can be the heart of your living room and are ideal for de-cluttering to create a neat tidy look.
•    Show off your interior taste by placing magazines, ornaments or accessories on the surface top.
•    When choosing your coffee table ensure you have enough space in your room so that you can freely walk round the table and be able to serve guests when entertaining.
•    Coffee tables should be ¾ length of your sofa.
•    Ensure the height of your table matches your sofa so when entertaining guests or watching TV, the table is not at an awkward height which can be an inconvenience.


Lamp Tables

Lamp tables are great for placing lamps on along with other decorative items such as flowers. Ensure your lamp shade is not too large or overhang so it gets in peoples way which can obstruct your view. Lamp tables are also an alternative if you do not have space to purchase a coffee table.
The position of a lamp table is key to the layout of your room and we recommend placing a lamp table either between armchairs or alongside a sofa. Ensure the height of your lamp table is similar to your furniture so you have easy access to your table
•    Try and keep your lamp shade design similar to your furniture or wall colours to continue a coordinated look
•    When planning the layout of your room think of the nearest plug sockets and try to keep wire length to a minimum to avoid accidents


Nest Of Tables

Nest of Tables are a space saving option to your living room as you can have 2 or 3 tables tucked under one another. Nest of tables usually feature a square design however you can also purchase a long john nest of tables that feature a coffee table with 2 lamp tables neatly tucked under. Not only are they a space saving option & ideal for smaller living room but are great for entertaining, as each guest can have their own table to place drink or nibbles on. After usage you can simply tuck the tables under one another.
•    Place nest of tables between armchairs or alongside a sofa so it does not obstruct anything in your room.
•    Ensure your nest of tables compliment other pieces of furniture


What Shape Will Suit My Room

Depending on the space available in your room will determine what shape table you should purchase but also pick a table that suits the rest of your room theme. If you have a small space available purchasing a round table will take up minimal floor space but maximum surface space due to it low space structure. Lamp tables and nest of tables usually feature a square design as they fit between armchairs and alongside sofas.
•    Remember to measure up before purchasing your table
•    If you entertain frequently, think of what table will suit your requirements


Do I Need Storage?

If your room has limited space or you require more storage purchase a coffee table with drawers, shelving or a rotating storage table. Keep your room tidy for when entertaining is essential and will certainly create a lasting impression amongst your guests.


Caring For Your Furniture

Cleaning your furniture every time after use will ensure the longevity of it, in most cases simply use a damp cloth. Protect your table from spillages and heat by using placemats and coasters, should anything spill clean it immediately. Over time, natural or solid wood will feature wear, just use wax to maintain its lusture. For glass & gloss products using soapy water will help reduce any stains occurred during usage


Measuring Up

At all our products detail the dimensions within the product description however using a tape measure always helps you to visualize the furniture in your space. You can also measure your living area by placing newspaper sheets on the floor, an old trick but one that always works!


Delivery Information

At we offer free delivery within Mainland UK and in most cases our occasional tables are delivered using our Bronze delivery service due to delicacy of our glass and marble tables. Our carrier will contact you to arrange a delivery date and time plus deliver your goods to a room of your choice. Alternatively certain items are available for free next day delivery. For detailed lead times and service please view our Delivery tab within the product page.


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