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Purchasing a Child's Bookcase Buying Guide

Over time your child will accumulate many books that will encourage learning and development throughout their years. Providing your child with their own bookcase allows kids quick and easy access to all of their favourite books so they can read anytime of the day. Most bookcases are placed in the child’s bedroom so it is important that all bookcases are safe, durable, functional and appealing.


Which Style Do I Choose?

Choosing the right style of bookcase for your child will depend on the size and style of the bedroom. There are many styles to choose from including free standing bookcases to bookcases that can be mounted to the wall.


Wall Mounted Bookcase

Wall mounted bookcase is ideal for smaller rooms as they are mounted to the wall, freeing vital floor space in smaller rooms. Wall mounted bookcases are ideal for children with high sleeper beds, bunk beds and mid sleeper beds as the bookcase can be mounted at the level of the top bunk making it ideal for storing books, accessories or toys on.


Free Standing Bookcase

Free standing bookcases come in both tall and low designs and offer excellent storage space for toys, books and accessories. The free standing bookcase can be placed against the wall or even at the bed of the bed.


Canvas Bookcase

Canvas bookcases are usually smaller in design and have canvas material slots that protect the books from damage and allow the book to be displayed from the front cover instead of the spine.


Storage Combination Bookcase

Storage Combinations offer a range of storage solutions in one unit. The combination usually includes a bookcase, drawers and cupboards and is great for storing all your child’s essentials as well as their favourite books.


What Size Bookcase Do I Choose

At we offer two sizes of bookcases to suit all bedrooms and lifestyles. Below we have outlined the difference between each size and how it may suit your need.

Tall bookcases are excellent for saving space as they offer more storage for placing books, toys and accessories. Due to the tall structure of the bookcase it may encourage your child to climb to reach the top shelves, this can be avoided by placing a sturdy step at the side for them to use as an alternative.

Low bookcases are great for smaller children as they can reach the shelves and the bookcase is less likely to fall forward if the child attempts to climb.



Situating Your Bookcase

Bookcases are great for adding extra storage space without taking up to much room. When placing your bookcase in the room it is important that you choose an area of the room that gets plenty of natural or synthetic light and that the bookcase is kept clear so your little ones can look through their books and even sit down and read.


Caring For Your Furniture

Cleaning your furniture every time after use will ensure the longevity of it, in most cases simply use a damp cloth. Over time, natural or solid wood will feature wear, just use wax to maintain its lusture.


Measuring Up

At all our products detail the dimensions within the product description however using a tape measure always helps you to visualize the furniture in your space. You can also measure your bookcase by placing newspaper sheets on the floor, an old trick but one that always works!


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