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Purchasing a Child's Bed Buying Guide

Bedtime should be a fun and magical adventure for your little one, whether it’s snuggling down for a peaceful nights sleep or enjoying some of the fun options that come with the bed. With the large choice of children’s beds available choosing the right bed for your little one is not an easy task.


Different Styles Of Beds

There are many different styles of children’s beds to choose from. When looking at each style of bed you need to think about the size of the bedroom and if you require additional storage for your child as they grow and develop. Some of the children’s beds at come with desks that are ideal for providing a quiet study area for your child where as some of the beds come with futons that are great for hosting sleepovers.


Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are ideal for families that have multiple children with limited space. Bunk beds offer two beds situated above one another with a sturdy ladder in-between for easy access to the top bunk. All bunk beds come with safety rails around the top bunk to give parents piece of mind whilst your little ones sleep. Bunk beds are recommended for ages 6 years and over.
•    Ideal for multiple children with limited space.
•    Two beds with a sturdy ladder for easy access to the top bunk
•    Safety rails around the top bunk to prevent your child from falling.

High Sleeper

High sleepers are similar to bunk beds but without the bottom bed. Most high sleepers come with storage cubes, futons or desks underneath making them ideal for rooms with limited space. All high sleepers feature safety rails on the top bunk to reduce the risk of your child falling during the night High sleepers are recommended for children 6 years and over.
•    Top bunk with safety rails to avoid falling during the night
•    Ladders for easy access to the top bunk.
•    Plenty of space underneath for storage.


Mid Sleeper

Mid Sleepers have a similar structure to high sleepers but they are not as high. Mid sleepers are good for utilising space, which is ideal in smaller or shared bedrooms. The floor space underneath the bed can be used to store toys or clothes or simply transformed into a fun play den for your child. Mid sleepers are recommended for children aged 6 years and over.
•    Ideal for smaller or shared bedrooms.
•    Safety rails around the top bunk to reduce the risk of your child falling in the night.
•    Plenty of space underneath for playing.

Cabin Bed

Cabin Beds are the same as mid sleepers but they tend to have built in cube units, chest of drawers and pull out desks underneath. The cabin bed is excellent for growing children that require extra room for studying or storing there personal belongings. Cabin beds are recommended for children 6 years and over.
•    Excellent storage facilities underneath the bed.
•    Safety rails around the top of the cabin bed to reduce the risk of your child falling out of bed.


Single Bed

Single beds are great for a small child and can last right up to teenage years. Starting your child in a single bed reduces the worry of your child falling from height and hurting themselves. Single beds can also be as space saving as bunk beds and mid sleepers as you can add trundles and drawers underneath so you can still host sleepovers.
•    Ideal for children right up to teenage years.
•    Lower design to reduce the risk of your child hurting themselves.
•    Can add extra features underneath the bed such as trundles and drawers.


Safety Features

When shopping around for a bed the most important specification is safety. High structured beds come with safety rails that help to reduce the risk of your child falling out of bed and injuring themselves. Another safety feature to consider when purchasing a bed is the ladders leading to the top bunk, flat footed steps are safer for grip and more comfortable on little feet.


Consider The Space In The Room

Although some of the styles of beds for children are amazing, not all beds are suitable for all bedrooms. High sleepers require head room between the top bunk and the ceiling so your child can move around freely without bumping their head where as mid sleepers suit smaller bedrooms as they can store toys underneath without needing to pull out or open any storage units.

Whilst researching your child’s bed it is wise to check if the ladder can be situated on the left or right hand side as this is not always given as a choice making it harder to fit certain layouts of rooms. If you are planning to purchase a bed with a slide or ladder, it is recommended to have the overall measurements so  there is plenty of space for your child to manoeuvre.


Creating An Exciting Look

Receiving a new bed can be exciting for your little ones and can help to develop there imagination as well as encourage them to enjoy going to bed. Adding play tents, pocket tidy’s and play tunnels can transform a plain bed into a space ship or a fairy castle for imaginative play. For larger rooms you can also add a slide or fire mans pole for a fun alternative to steps.


Choosing The Right Mattress

When purchasing a mattress for high structured beds it is important that you stay within the consumer product safety standard guidelines and only purchase mattresses that will not exceed the top of the safety rail. It is recommended that 160mm of safety rail must be maintained between the top of the mattress and the top of the safety rail.

At we offer a wide range of UK sized children’s beds as well as EU sized children’s beds with mattresses to fit all sizes.



Caring for your furniture

Cleaning your furniture every time after use will ensure the longevity of it, in most cases simply use a damp cloth. Over time, natural or solid wood will feature wear, just use wax to maintain its lusture


Measuring Up

At all our products detail the dimensions within the product description however using a tape measure always helps you to visualize the furniture in your space. You can also measure your bed by placing newspaper sheets on the floor, an old trick but one that always works!


Delivery Information

In most cases our children’s beds are delivered using our Bronze delivery service, where our carrier will contact you to arrange a delivery date and time plus deliver your goods to a room of your choice. For detailed lead times and service please view our Delivery tab within the product page.


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