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Purchasing The Right Wardrobe For You Buying Guide

Your bedroom is a peaceful escape route from your daily routine and the outside world. It is a personal area that is designed for you to rest, relax and recharge preparing you for the busy lifestyle of the modern day. Therefore it is essential that your bedroom is kept organised and tidy to avoid stress.

At we understand that our customers have different needs when choosing the ideal wardrobe and this decision can be a tough one. We have listed below some tips for you to consider before purchasing your wardrobe.


A Wardrobe To Suit Your Need

When starting your search for a new wardrobe you need to consider how you will use it and what you will use it for. Your new wardrobe needs to suit the style of clothing your wish to store. For example:

 If you are storing long coats or full length dresses inside your wardrobe you need to check the height of the fixed hanging rail inside before purchasing and make sure that there are no built in drawers underneath the hanging rail.

If you wish to accommodate t-shirts, and accessories you will need to consider purchasing a wardrobe with shelving above the hanging rail or alternatively a shelving unit down the side creating a three door wardrobe.


Finding The Style For You

Wardrobes come in many different styles from hinged door wardrobes to sliding wardrobes to wardrobes with drawers.  When selecting a style of wardrobe you need to take into consideration the size of your room, hinged doors swing outwards where as sliding wardrobes slide to the side.


Hinged Wardrobes

Hinged wardrobes swing outwards allowing you to access your entire wardrobe space at once. Before buying hinged wardrobes it is advised to check if there is enough room for the doors to be pulled open into your bedroom space.
•    Doors swing outwards to allow easy access to wardrobe.
•    Ideal choice for separate compartments and shelving.

Sliding Wardrobes

Sliding wardrobes are the perfect solution for smaller bedrooms with limited space. The beautiful sliding doors run parallel of each other and slide along tracks at the bottom of the doorway. Each door slides across to overlap the other door giving you access to half the wardrobe space.
•    Ideal for maximising bedroom space.
•    One panel slides over the other panel giving you access to half your wardrobe space.

Mirrored Wardrobes

Mirrored wardrobes are great for brightening the room as well as making it look larger. Investing in a wardrobe with a mirror will save you having to hang a mirror in your room.
•    Ideal for checking your appearance everyday.
•    Will make your bedroom lighter and appear larger.

Compact Wardrobes

Compact wardrobes with drawers are great if you can not upgrade to a wardrobe with shelving or you can not fit a chest of drawers due to space issues. The compact design will provide you with personal drawers for putting accessories in as well as a hanging rail for special garments.
•    Compact design that will meet all your storage requirements.
•    Perfect for storing small accessories and personal belongings.

What Size Wardrobe Do I Need?

At we offer a large range of different sized wardrobes, making sure we can fulfil every customers needs. We take into consideration the customers who regularly have clear outs and only harbour the essentials to the customers who are shopaholic’s.

Hinged wardrobes are available as:
2 door wardrobe
2 door compact wardrobe
3 door wardrobe
4 door wardrobe


Sliding wardrobes are available in:
2 door wardrobe
3 door wardrobe
4 door wardrobe

Choosing The Colour Scheme

Choosing the right colour scheme for your wardrobe is an essential part, do you choose a colour that will complement your décor and blend in, or do you choose bold colours to create an exciting centrepiece in your room.

If you want your wardrobes to be subtle, choosing neutral colours is your best option. You will still have the choice of adding more dramatic colours at a later date by changing your wallpaper or bedding.

If you prefer a more bold or dramatic look, mahogany, cherry or high gloss wardrobes will create an eye catching look with modern features that will transform the style and feel of your room.


Measuring Up

At all our products detail the dimensions within the product description however using a tape measure always helps you to visualize the furniture in your space. You can also measure your dining area by placing newspaper sheets on the floor, an old trick but one that always works! Don’t forget to measure your floor space from the skirting board and not the wall.


Caring For Your Furniture

Cleaning your furniture every time after use will ensure the longevity of it, in most cases simply use a damp cloth. Over time, natural or solid wood will feature wear, just use wax to maintain its lusture. Over filling your wardrobe can cause damage and reduce the durability of the wardrobe. Once you have assembled your wardrobe do not drag it as this will affect the joints and weaken material.


Delivery Information

In most cases our wardrobes are delivered using our Bronze delivery service, where our carrier will contact you to arrange a delivery date and time plus deliver your goods to a room of your choice. For detailed lead times and service please view our Delivery tab within the product page.


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