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Matresses Buying Guide

Buying the correct mattress is one of the hardest decisions you will face when purchasing furniture. With so many features, fillings and sizes to take into consideration it can leave you feeling completely mind boggled. A good night’s sleep is important not only for your day ahead but for your health and is recommended by the British Sleep Council.

Investing in a good quality mattress is the key to a good nights sleep. Our motto is, do not compromise as a mattress can last up to 10 years so it is a good investment.


When Do I Buy A New Mattress

Mattresses typically last up to 10 years depending on how often you use your mattress and maintain it. Changing your mattress every 8-10 years is recommended for your health or it may be simply time for a change due to a better comfort factor or a new bed. However there may be other reasons for changing your mattress:
•    Back pain
•    Frequent poor sleep
•    Mattress wear & tear

Finding The Perfect Mattress

Selecting the correct mattress can make the difference between a goods night’s sleep and a deprived night’s sleep. The key to finding the right mattress is comfort and support.

A soft mattress may be the perfect comfort for one person, yet a firm mattress may offer excellent support to another. At we have a wide selection of mattress types and support systems to suit your requirements


What Mattress Should I Buy?

There are 4 main types of mattress to choose from. Below is a list of mattresses and how they work to support you.

Pocket spring mattress is a popular choice with couples. With individually fabric wrapped springs, each spring works independently to respond to individual body weight meaning you and your partner can enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep without rolling into one another.
•    Pocket spring mattresses feature hand stitching and strong sides which demonstrate strong craftsmanship.
•    The higher the number of pockets provide stronger support (from 800 to 4,000)

Memory foam mattresses are topped with a layer of temperature –sensitive viscoelastic material that reacts to your body’s heat. The memory foam forms to the body’s natural contour to help maintain your posture and align the spine horizontally when lay on your side. Memory foam is said to be ideal for allergy sufferers due to its hypoallergenic qualities and sensitive material.
•    Memory foam supports changing pressure points to support your body
•    Can add supportive foam bedding such as memory foam pillow and memory foam toppers

Continuous coil mattresses are made from a single looped wire that forms all the coils in the mattress. The coiled unit is attached to helical wire springs and held together within a metal border. Due to the springs moving in unison you and your partner are more likely to roll together in the night causing disturbed nights sleep.
•    Coil rods provide and allow the mattress to retain shape
•    Sides are machine stitched rather than hand

Latex mattresses are formed from the trunks of rubber trees and blended with synthetic latex. The latex is ideal for allergy and asthma sufferers as it doesn’t harbour dust mites. The latex is a breathable material that prevents you from overheating; however most latex mattress has a firmer feel with a durable finish.


Understanding Mattress Feature

When shopping for your mattress it is important that you understand the fillings and upholstery detail as this will determine a large level of comfort for your mattress. Listed below are some of the fillings you will find in your mattress and how they can benefit you.

The different fibres to produce a mattress
Wool offers a comfortable and luxurious feel that is both breathable and durable. With low risk flammability properties and excellent thermal qualities the wool filling is ideal for those who want a comfortable snug night’s sleep.

Cotton provides a soft feel with excellent ability to breathe. During the night we can perspire as much as 1 pint of water, the cotton helps to absorbs moisture away from the body and disperse the excess moisture allowing you to sleep comfortably.

Silk & Cashmere are characterized by there soft fine fibres that provide a natural light weight insulation. Natural silk is designed to equalize body temperature so it feels cool when you are hot and warm when you are cold.

Coir fibre is usually found next to the springs to help with insulation, it is also used to help prevent the springs from penetrating the fabric.

Tufted is often found on top quality mattresses. The filling is pinned at specific points on the mattress with a long stitch that runs from the surface down to the inside of the mattress creating a button effect pattern on the surface.

Damask is comprised of several different fibres and blends including linen, it provides a soft, glossy fabric with an intricate pattern that offers a rich and durable finish.

Micro quilting is a decorative stitch which is designed to secure the fillings inside the mattress. Micro quilting provides a smooth flat sleeping surface that is idea for those who prefer an even feel.

Mattress Sizes For Your Bed

You must purchase the correct mattress to fit your bed, for example a King mattress for a King bed. However at we offer EU sized mattresses for EU sized beds. Please find below UK & EU sized mattresses

Single                 W90 x L190cm
Small Double       W120 x L190cm
Double                W135x L190cm
King                    W150 x L200cm
Super King           W160 x L200cm


Single                  W90 x L20cm
Double                 W140x L190cm
King                     W160 x L200cm
Super King           W180 x L200cm


Guest Bed Mattress Ideas

As a trundle is stored underneath your bed there is not enough height for a thick mattress. We recommend a maximum height of 15-17cm for a guest mattress such as the Ecoflex Reflex Foam mattress. Pocket sprung, open coil or memory foam mattresses are highly recommended for guest beds


Mattress Manufacturer

All of our mattresses are made to order and produced in the UK to the highest standard which is a sign of craftsmanship and quality. All of our mattresses are FR tested and comply with UK regulations.


Looking After Your Mattress

When your mattress is delivered you should leave to air for approximately four hours once the packaging has been removed. You should then air your mattress on a weekly basis and use a washable protective cover to guard against stains.

If you have purchased a sprung or coil mattress you should turn regularly to prolong the life of the mattress. Memory foam mattresses should be rotated lengthwise approximately once a month.

Mattresses should not be rolled or squashed as this can affect the structure of the mattress and permanently damage it. If stains occur on your mattress use warm or cold water and gently sponge to mark away.

Using a mattress protector such a Protect a Bed will maximize the longevity of your mattress and are washable.


How Long Will Delivery Be?

We offer next day delivery on the majority of our mattresses as they are made to order and produced in the UK. Firmer and more supportive mattresses do take longer to produce as they are hand crafted, therefore please allow up to 7 – 14 days for delivery. Please view our delivery tab within the product page for exact delivery information.


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