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Here at FADS.CO.UK, we believe that your bedroom should be a private room where you can sleep comfortably throughout the night and relax during the day. About one third of our lives are spent sleeping, and so we believe a good night’s rest is essential. We spend more time in our bedrooms than ever before, and so we have to ensure that it is homely and relaxing. Obviously for a room to be a bedroom you need to have a bed - bedrooms can range from really simple to fairly complex, and we aim to offer a range to suit ideas you have with your own household. Other standard furnishings a typical bedroom usually has are a chest of drawers, tables and wardrobes, all of which can be found at FADS.CO.UK.

Bedroom furniture can vary greatly, depending on taste and tradition. For example, a master bedroom may include a bed of a specific size (single, double, king or queen-sized); and one or more wardrobes and chest of drawers. Your bedroom is a reflection of your personality and is unique to you. However there are certain items that are necessary as part of your bedroom. Mattresses and closets are good examples, and our mattresses have matching bed sets and frames to raise the mattress off the ground. We stock an extensive range of beds for your convenience when choosing your bedroom.

Our Selection

We have a vast array of choice for all types of bedroom furniture. We have bed frames and sets made from leather, metal, gloss, and Scandinavian pine (as also used in our Stompa range of children's beds). We also have coil sprung, memory foam, and even foam and spring combinations in our selection of mattresses, all of which contribute to a good night's sleep. Wardrobes, bedside tables and chest of drawers are available in different shapes, sizes and materials (including five different types of wood, mirrored, and gloss finishes).

Our modern and contemporary beds consist of a mattress resting on a solid or sprung base. Most of our beds also have a headboard to rest against whilst sitting upright, and footboards. A mattress is to sleep or lie on, consisting of resilient high-quality materials from our manufacturers, and are covered with an outer fabric or ticking. A bedroom is a place for you to sleep and relax, and buying from our mattress manufacturers, who apply this technology into creating their mattresses, ensures you sleep soundly night after night.

Other Bedroom Necessities

Wardrobes and closets are a necessity in any bedroom. In a bedroom, a wardrobe is most commonly used for clothing, as are chest of drawers and bedside tables. A wardrobe is a tall rectangular shaped cabinet that clothes can be stored or hung in, and a chest of drawers and/or bedside table allows an area to put smaller clothing items and personal items. Typically nicer clothes are kept in the wardrobe because they can be hung up while leisure clothing and undergarments are stored in the dresser. Our extensive range of closets and cabinets is aimed to offer you a scope of variety to make the best choice.

At FADS.CO.UK, we aim to offer an assortment of styles to suit your needs. This is to meet our own demands of providing you with an array of quality furniture at competitive prices.

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